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Whether you have a question or comment, feel free to reach out! We’ll get back to you within 1–3 days. (Psssst… You may want to check our FAQs to see if there’s already an answer to your question.)

Answers to all
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I'm bummed, why do I have to order 4 jars?

Ugh, I feel you on this. We know it isn't ideal, but this is because of the labour costs to pack the order, and shipping supplies. Two really great things though:
-You can store Bro Dough in the freezer for up to a year, so don't feel pressured to eat it all at once! 
-We're launching into stores across Canada (as we speak) so you can give us a try, and if you like us you can come order here.

Thanks for understanding. :)

Why don't you ship to the US?

Ah… the most commonly asked question. I hear you, I really do, my US friends! I am still a very small business, and because the product is perishable, it is difficult shipping it across the border.

BUT not to worry! We plan on expanding into the US in 2022. I appreciate you being patient and supporting me/Bro Dough. It will be worth the wait, I promise!

ONE MORE THING BRO... Make sure you're signed up to our US email list, we are dropping some exciting news there soon!


Will you ship outside of the US and Canada one day?

We would love nothing more than to have our product in fridges across the world (how cool would that be!?). But we are still in the early stage of our business, and it won’t be happening in the foreseeable future. It may happen one day, though! All of your support means so much.

How can your cookie dough be safe to eat raw?

We know eating regular cookie dough is a bit risky… but we’re a little different. Bro Dough is completely safe to eat, straight from the container! We use special flour that is heat treated, and there are no eggs in our cookie dough. Spoon and enjoy, tummy ache free!

Is your product vegan?

Bro Dough uses 100% vegan ingredients, and is made in a facility that only uses vegan ingredients.

How can I use Bro Dough?

Bro… the possibilities are ENDLESS. It can be eaten however you like. But to give you some ideas:

Wait... You can do stuff with it??

You bet! There are SO many ways to enjoy Bro Dough, so enjoy it your way!

Some of our favourite ways:
  • Oatmeal topping
  • Ice cream topping
  • Waffles or pancakes topping
  • Mixed into yogurt
  • Microwaved for ~12-15 seconds (SO GOOD!)
  • Baked (for crunchy cookies)
  • Cookie dough truffles
Baking Directions

Portion out cookies onto a baking sheet. Flatten and bake at 350˚ F for ~15 minutes.

Let cool completely before removing from baking sheet.

Enjoy your delicious treats!

...or eat it straight from the jar, we won't judge ;)

Can I bake Bro Dough?

Bro Dough is intended to be eaten raw, straight from the jar, but it can be enjoyed baked as well if you like crunchier cookies. We do suggest trying microwaving it instead though! If looking to bake, check out the directions above. ^

Bro Dough isn’t at the grocery store I shop at… why not?

I need YOUR help! If you mention our product to your favourite stores, it will help get us on their shelves. Call, email, send pigeon messengers… this will help so much! Plus, if you buy in store you will save on shipping costs. Win-win! We are launching across Canada in 2022 into your favourite stores... stay tuned!

Where do I find the nutritional info?

The ingredients, along with the nutritional information can be found on each product page, on the right hand side under storage instructions.

Is Bro Dough keto?

Bro Dough can definitely be incorporated into a keto diet! It depends on your daily carbohydrate intake. Our cookie dough is super macro-friendly, and contains 10 grams of net carbs per serving, 5 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fat. 

I want Bro Dough at my school… is this possible?

YES! We would love nothing more than to be available at your school! Again, please put in requests for our product to your schools and if we get enough hype, we can make it happen! 

How do I store it?

Bro Dough needs to be refrigerated upon arrival and is best enjoyed within 2 weeks of opening. It cannot be stored outside of the fridge. Unopened, it can last in the fridge up to four months. If you don’t plan on eating it right away, it can be stored in the freezer for up to one year (which means it’s totally okay to stock up). ;)

Is your product kosher?

Two of our current cookie doughs are pareve kosher certified: Chocolate Chip and Tuxedo Brownie. However, all of our cookie doughs contain 100% kosher certified ingredients.

Is your product gluten free/will you launch a gluten free version?

Currently, all of our cookie doughs contain heat treated wheat flour, therefore they are not gluten free. We are definitely looking into changing this in the future – we know how hard it is finding tasty gluten-free treats!

Is your product nut free?

You betcha, Bro! All of our cookie doughs are made in a certified nut free facility.

What type of protein do you use?

We use a 100% vegan, high-quality protein blend. Instead of traditional whey protein (which contains dairy), our protein contains pea and rice protein (and don’t worry, no icky protein taste in our cookie dough).

Do you use any artificial sweeteners or preservatives?

Heck no! We take pride in being a clean, quality product. We only use organic coconut sugar, brown sugar, and tapioca fiber which comes from the tapioca vegetable which is high in fiber. Our old formula used to have stevia and preservatives, but we removed them completely! 

Will you create more flavours?

YES! Absolutely! We will be introducing seasonal flavours in 2022, so keep your eyes peeled. If you have a flavour you would love to see, please let us know and we might just launch it. 

Do you wholesale?

We sure do! Please visit our wholesale page.

Shipping FAQs

When will my order be shipped?

For residents in Ontario/Quebec: orders are shipped Monday-Wednesday.

Residents in all other provinces: orders are shipped Monday-Tuesday.

*Must order before noon EST for same day shipping

How does local delivery work?

We now offer local delivery Monday-Friday! Orders must be placed before noon to be delivered same day (we don't deliver on weekends).
Check out the map below to see where we deliver:

What happens if I order after the above times?

For those that reside outside of the local delivery zone: orders placed after the cut-off times will be shipped out the following Monday. This is because we don’t want your order sitting over the weekend, as shipping carriers only deliver on business days. We want the best experience for you, Bro!

If you order within the shipping deadlines (but after 12pm) it will ship the following day. For example, if you order at 1pm on Monday, it will ship Tuesday.

How long does it take to receive my order?

This all depends on where you’re located. If in Ontario/Quebec, usually 1-2 days. For all other provinces, 1-4 days.

Do you ship to PO boxes?

We DO NOT ship to PO boxes as this time.

Won’t the cookie dough spoil during shipping?

Nah, Bro ;). We ship our cookie dough with ice packs. Dough-n’t you worry! It can also withstand being at room temperature during shipping for several days.

The ice pack was melted and my cookie dough isn’t cold, is it still good to eat?

The ice packs help extend the coldness throughout transportation, and it does not need to arrive cold/frozen. Our cookie dough can withstand room temperature during shipping. When you receive it, simply pop it in the fridge, and it’s good to go!

I didn’t receive my order, what do I do?

That ain’t dough-pe. We will do our best to resolve the issue! Please contact us if you haven’t received your order.

I put the wrong address, what happened to my order?

Unfortunately, it is the customers responsibility to put the correct address for their order. If this does happen, please contact us immediately and we will try our best to get the package redirected, but there is no guarantee. The product is perishable and cannot be in transit for an extended period of time.

Can I return my item?

All orders are final sale due to health and safety concerns. If you received your product and it appears to be compromised in any way, please contact us immediately. 

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